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1.Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo (2020)
Released • January 12, 2020 • Action / Drama / Romance
Fate plays a vital role in connecting the life of Bantu, a son who seeks validation from his cold-hearted father with the life of Raj, whose millionaire father wishes that he was more assertive.
2.Christmas Love Letter (2019)
Released • December 21, 2019 • Comedy / Romance / TV Movie
When relationship advice columnist Amalie Hess receives an unsigned love letter in a Christmas card, she returns to her hometown to solve the mystery of who sent it and maybe find true love.
3.До Нового года осталось… (2019)
Released • December 19, 2019 • Comedy / Romance
New Year is a kind of milestone, the moment of summing up, making decisions. New Year is a new beginning, time to dream, make wishes and wait for miracles ... While all of Moscow is buying up gifts...
4.Monsters. (2019)
Released • December 18, 2019 • Drama / Romance
A long time married couple comes to decide within 24 hours, through encounters with strangers, that letting go might be their biggest proof of love.
5.Matchmaker Christmas (2019)
Released • December 14, 2019 • Romance / TV Movie
As the Christmas party for a book publishing company approaches, editor Maggie volunteers to help her boss Amanda find a date. Matchmaking is a bit of a hobby for Maggie, but she is thrown off her...
6.Gone With the light (2019)
Released • December 13, 2019 • Drama / Romance
Part of the people living on earth were disappeared after a sudden white light.
7.Christmas Unleashed (2019)
Released • December 7, 2019 • Romance / TV Movie
When Marla's dog runs away on Christmas Eve, she must team up with her ex-boyfriend Max to find him. As the pup leads the exes on an all-day-and-night search through their North Carolina hometown,...
8.A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby (2019)
Released • December 5, 2019 • Romance
Christmas brings the ultimate gift to Aldovia: a royal baby. But first, Queen Amber must help her family and kingdom by finding a missing peace treaty.
9.The End of the Season (2019)
Released • December 5, 2019 • Romance / Thriller
Three sisters, who by the will of historical circumstances turned out to be outside of Russia, live in a small Baltic town. Just like the Chekhov sisters, they dream of returning to Moscow. But...
10.How to Live in This World (2019)
Released • December 4, 2019 • Comedy / Romance
Young-wook and Yeon-kyung have been married for 10 years and are slightly worried about their estranged relationship. With their love life decreasing, the two begin to seek attraction elsewhere....
11.Staging Christmas (2019)
Released • November 29, 2019 • Romance / TV Movie
Lori stages homes for a living and her busiest season is Christmas! Though she normally only stages homes that are for sale, she’s intrigued when a wealthy widower named Elliot asks her to stage...
12.Raja Vaaru Rani Gaaru (2019)
Released • November 29, 2019 • Comedy / Romance
Rani’s world is limited, an introvert, she lives with her father and grandmother. From being this simple and silent girl, when she falls in love how she expresses it comes through beautifully.
13.Enai Noki Paayum Thota (2019)
Released • November 29, 2019 • Action / Drama / Romance
Raghu, a normal college guy gets dragged into trouble when he falls in love with Lekha and their whirlwind romance changes the course of his life.
14.Holiday Rush (2019)
Released • November 28, 2019 • Comedy / Drama / Romance
After his sudden firing, a popular radio DJ moves in with his aunt, bringing along his four spoiled children, and a plan to return to the airwaves.
15.ANYA (2019)
Released • November 26, 2019 • Romance / Science Fiction
A newlywed couple turns to a scientist for help having a baby and find themselves at the center of a genetic puzzle with far reaching implications and an ethically ambiguous solution.
16.Holiday Hearts (2019)
Released • November 23, 2019 • Romance / TV Movie
While planning an annual Christmas party, Peyton is forced together with Ben to care for a friend's daughter. While finding their Christmas spirit, will there be some romance along the way?
17.Twinkle All the Way (2019)
Released • November 23, 2019 • Romance / TV Movie
To pull off a spectacular Christmas-themed wedding, a wedding planner joins forces with the co-owner of a family-run Christmas decoration and house-lighting company.
18.Adithya Varma (2019)
Released • November 21, 2019 • Drama / Romance
A brilliant and short-tempered young surgeon goes down a self-destructive path when the love of his life is forced to marry another man.
19.The Knight Before Christmas (2019)
Released • November 21, 2019 • Comedy / Romance
A medieval English knight is magically transported to present day where he ends up falling for a high school science teacher.
20.The Fare (2019)
Released • November 19, 2019 • Mystery / Romance / Thriller
When a charming fare named Penny climbs into his taxi cab, Harris, her world-weary driver, finds himself engaged in the only kind of courtship he can have with a passenger -- one that lasts as long...